How the aesthetics of the missing poster channel dread into our everyday lives.

The Lost Boys (1987) © Warner Bros. Pictures

Big, bold letters reading ‘MISSING’ in capital letters, accompanied with a picture of the person that is lost. The ink on the paper washy and the colours faded from exposure to the sun… When strolling through a big city it doesn’t take long to stumble upon a poster similar to the one just described, stapled to a tree or taped to a lantern. I always found these missing posters fascinating, merely because they channel a feeling of dread into our everyday lives. One can speculate endlessly on the fate of the person on the poster. A missing person can be…

Jelle Havermans

Jelle Havermans (1994) is a visual artist and writer. He writes about horror, true crime and the history of photography and film.

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