The best Black Dahlia Movie You Have Never Seen

An analysis of the forgotten TV movie Who Is The Black Dahlia? (1975)

Lucie Arnaz as Elizabeth Short in Who Is The Black Dahlia? (1975) © Douglas S. Cramer Company
In the film, post-war Los Angeles is portrayed as a grim and seedy place full of dishonest and dangerous men. © Douglas S. Cramer Company
While newspapers exploited Elizabeth Short’s murder by sensationalising the case and making up details, who Was The Black Dahlia? steers clear of that. © Los Angeles Times
The shots in which the frame freezes and turns black and white reference the photographs published in newspapers and on police bulletins. © Douglas S. Cramer Company
Along with the viewer, Sgt. Harry Hansen (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) slowly begins to truly care for the victim over the course of the investigation. © Douglas S. Cramer Company
In True Confessions (1982) and The Black Dahlia (2006) [above] the main focus isn’t on the victim but on the detective’s quest for redemption. © Universal Pictures



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Jelle Havermans

Jelle Havermans (1994) is a visual artist and writer. He writes about horror, true crime and the history of photography and film.